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The world needs companies that are concerned and accountable for the effects that population causes on the ecosystem and society. 

Projects sustainable


Forest Crusade

We know that deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change and biodiversity loss, so we have decided to take concrete measures to help combat these problems.

Basura en el mar

Cleaning Yucatan

Through the "Beach Cleaning" initiative, Grupo Inco was part of the collection of 3,821 kg of solid waste recovered on the Yucatan coast.

Cruzada forestal tubería preaislada

A greener future

In its tenth edition, Grupo Inco has stood out as one of the main promoters of this noble cause.

Our products


Our INCOTHERM pipes, leader in pre-insulated pipes,  generate notable savings on your electricity bill.


Specialized products that eliminate contaminants produced by humidity.


The materials used to produce INCOTHERM pipes are ecological.

About us

The complete history

At Grupo Inco we are governed by the vision of contributing to change in our ecosystem and society in order to have a better world. That is why we create sustainability strategies and a positive impact on society, so that each internal area of the corporation takes the initiative to carry out and promote responsible practices in order to be more responsible and aware of the impact that their actions can have from day to day. day.


It is through these strategies that we seek to improve not only our community, but we also seek to have a positive impact on the projects in which we operate in order to contribute to sustainable development. 


We have always been focused on the implementation of ethical practices in all areas of our company, applying this mentality in the selection of suppliers and our clients, seeking to follow and respect our values and our organizational philosophy. So we do not leave these actions as an internal philosophy only, but we look for business partners who are aware of what they do both for their community and for the environment that surrounds us all.


The achievements obtained over the last few years have marked our philosophy remarkably, but we are always looking for more. It is in our hands to provide effective solutions without affecting the needs of our future generations, so we are committed to making a bigger impact.

Cruzada forestal - sostenibilidad

Our commitment


with sustainability


At Grupo Inco we are firmly committed to sustainable development and the well-being of society.

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