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We deliver solutions to projects that build a more sustainable future

Flowing innovation

Flowing innovation

Flowing innovation


The secret of our success is that we have made an exceptional effort to have the best people in the world.

Tubería preaislada y sistemas hvac


Leader in pre-insulated pipes and connections, specialized in the manufacture of thermal insulation for HVAC&R systems.

Sistema contraincendio


Brand dedicated to fire detection, suppression and protection systems

Tuberías y sistemas hvac


It offers more than 15,000 products such as: pipes, valves, connections, accessories for hydraulic, drainage, sewage, storm, risk and sanitary systems.

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How to maximize the efficiency of hvac systems?
In the world of HVAC engineering, efficiency and performance are paramount. One of the key components in achieving these goals is the use of pre-insulated piping, an invaluable resource for maintaining precise thermal control and minimizing energy losses in HVAC systems.
Let's clean Yucatan
Through the "Beach Cleaning" initiative, Inco Group was part of the collection 3,821kg of solid waste recovered on the Yucatan coast. We are aware of the great damage that this waste generates in our habitat and for this reason we seek to contribute to generate a real change.
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Projects: success in each connection


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