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Logo de Incotherm

INCOTHERM® is a registered trademark of Grupo INCO positioned as a leader in pre-insulated pipes and pre-insulated connections, specialized in the manufacture of thermal insulation for HVAC&R systems; These systems are applied to fluids at high and low temperatures, designed to conserve energy, offering advantages such as: maximum thermal coefficient, no condensation, energy savings and installation costs, longer useful life.

INCOBUILDS® is a registered trademark of Grupo INCO provides solutions to all types of projects, offering more than 15 thousand products such as: pipes, valves, connections, accessories for hydraulic, drainage, sewage, stormwater, irrigation and sanitary systems. As well as electrical materials, supports, ventilation systems and ductwork such as: flexible foams and air ducts.

Logo de Incobuilds de Grupo Inco
Logo de incofire de Grupo Inco

INCOFIRE® is a registered trademark of Grupo INCO dedicated to fire detection, suppression and protection systems, which offers a wide range of products with all safety certifications UL FM, NFPA, UL/C (UL) US, ASTM, among others.

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Tablaje 18947 Ampl. Cd. Industrial, Mérida, Yucatán, México. C.P 97288

+52 (999) 943 6391 

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