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Let's clean Yucatan

Our main strength is unity

Through the "Beach Cleaning" initiative, Grupo Inco was part of the collection of 3,821 kg of solid waste recovered on the Yucatan coast. We are aware of the great damage that this waste generates in our habitat and for this reason we seek to contribute to generate a real change.

Un colaborador de Grupo Inco recogiendo basura en la playa

Beach cleaning, a powerful tool for pollution

Garbage on beaches is frequently the result of poor management of waste generated by citizens themselves. During the last years the amount of waste has been on a notable increase. In Mexico alone, approximately more than 42 million tons of garbage is generated per year, a large percentage of which ends up on our beautiful beaches, and we have to change this immediately.

Much of this waste ends up in the depths of the oceans, something that man cannot realize. Marine life is the main affected by this problem, from corals to large species die every day. This is where our interest in contributing to change comes from.

Colaborador de Grupo Inco recogiendo basura en la playa

A gigantic problem, but still with a solution

Armed with bags, gloves and a strong sense of purpose, solid waste collection was carried out on the beaches of Yucatán. With more than 1,000 participants from various local companies, we set out to clean up every piece of waste found on the shores of the sea and on the streets that connect to the coast. Every piece of trash that is removed to be recycled or deposited in the right place means that we are saving a bird, a turtle or even a whale.

Hence the motivation for each of the collaborators to take the initiative of wanting to help preserve our coasts. With a climate of more than 30° Celsius, but with the great interest in making the change, it was possible to collect more than 3,800 kg of solid waste, which included plastic bags, bottles, cans, textiles and cigarette butts.

Opinion of a collaborator: “It is sad to see how much garbage there is in our community. We have to wake up and not wait for someone else to pick up what we see thrown away, then it will be too late. We have to act now."

We are completely surprised by the magnitude of the problem and we are committed that this is only the beginning of the vision shared by each individual that forms part of Grupo Inco.

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