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About us?

We are a world-class company that specializes in the manufacture, distribution and supply of innovative and cutting-edge products in the construction, real estate, infrastructure and industrial sectors.


With more than 20 years of experience in the market, our company is made up of three specialized lines, INCOTHERM (leader in pre-insulated pipes), INCOBUILDS and INCOFIRE, each focused on providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to our customers. We are proud to have a large inventory and immediate availability of more than 15,000 products, thanks to our strategic location in the southeast of Mexico. Connected by land and sea with the whole world, our commitment is to maintain excellence in our response capacity and in the quality of our products. 

At Grupo INCO, we are dedicated to offering solutions that exceed our clients' expectations and establishing lasting relationships based on trust and commitment.

Fabrica de Grupo Inco
Misión Grupo Inco


We develop and promote solutions for our clients, working together with collaborators and suppliers towards innovation, quality and efficiency, committed to social and sustainable development for a better future.​


Being a multinational recognized for its excellence in providing innovative and comprehensive products and solutions for building a sustainable future.​

Visión de Grupo Inco


We deliver solutions to projects that build a more sustainable future.​


Repita Valores de Grupo Inco
Repita Valores de Grupo Inco
Repita Valores de Grupo Inco
Repita Valores de Grupo Inco
Repita Valores de Grupo Inco
Repita Valores de Grupo Inco

Ten principles, one goal

Decálogo grupo inco
Decálogo grupo inco

Connecting stories

Grupo Inco

Edith Villa

Purchasing Manager

"Be excellent at what you came here to do, and if you're not yet, work to be."


Ana Mandujano

International sales

"A sale is made by anyone, an honest and trustworthy relationship by very few."

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